Friday, 7 July 2017

The reasons for the Qatar crisis: Qatar is independent, friendly to Iran, prefers Al-Nusra to ISIS


The Saudi Arabian monarchy appears to be the biggest enemy of Western civilisation, in a very crowded field. Robert Fisk in the Independent today argues that one reason for the crisis between Qatar and the Saudis is that Qatar was involving itself in the Syrian war and is well disposed towards Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda, while the Saudis prefer ISIS. Qatar is also making arrangements with Iran, the arch-enemy of the Saudis and their de facto ally, Israel.

Fisk says:

On top of all this, Qatar has just announced its plan to raise liquid natural gas capacity by 30 per cent, increasing production from its North Field which it shares with Iran. US gas producers may struggle to compete. Iran, as oil magnates know all too well, is ready to increase production on its side of the North Field. No wonder the Saudis are outraged. And perhaps, soon, the Americans. Even more so if a post-war Syria permits Qatar to run a pipeline across its territory to the Mediterranean and to Europe. Qatar, in other words, now needs Iran more than it needs Saudi Arabia.
So cloaked with threats about “terrorism”, the Saudis, Emiratis, Bahrainis and Egyptians have turned upon this – for them – very dangerous little emirate. How can MbS maintain a conflict with the Shia of the Middle East – and especially Yemen – if Qatar is collaborating with the Iranians? And with Nusrah. And Assad. And if Qatar is helped – let us not forget this – by the Kuwaiti “negotiators”, who are no enemies of the Iranians, and the Omanis who are sending food to Qatar and who engaged in naval manoeuvres with the Iranians only three months ago.

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