Sunday, 9 July 2017

The 10 Worst Prime Ministers We Never Had

John Rentoul makes an enjoyable article out of a thread on Twitter, which discussed the worst Prime Ministers that England never had and was lucky to escape. Contrarian though I am, I think I agree with all ten, with the possible exception of Lord Halifax, who would have probed the possibility of peace with Hitler in 1940.

The lesson to be drawn from the list of outstanding names, that include Fox, Curzon and a gaggle of  more recent men (and one woman, poor Mrs. Leadsom), is that statesmen who
were expected or half expected to be Prime Minister were often hopeless. Think of Brown, Eden, Balfour. Blair, who got the job because of John Smith's sudden death, went on to win three elections by landslides and was the best leader Labour ever had. Perhaps the worst Prime Minister that England had too. Home, whom no-one dreamt would be Prime Minister, in his very short time showed he was a fine one. The little fancied Baldwin, whom Curzon described as 'a man of the utmost insignificance', had only a couple of years' experience in the cabinet, but was a good Prime Minster too.

George Osborne and Boris have shown themselves to be miserably unqualified for the job, but so has Theresa May.  

So, of course, has Jeremy Corbyn, but he might still be Prime Minister. He has a fair chance. Let's hope he remains what he is today, the very worst Prime Minister England has never had.

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