Saturday, 15 July 2017

Sublime wine, sublime pizza


This blog tries to be useful when it can. This is an example. I scarcely ever go to bars but my friend Claudia took me to perhaps my favourite, the lovely Bruno's, in the old town at Str. Covaci 3, where I once projected a birthday party, and introduced me to the most wonderful wine, Bauer Cabernet Sauvignon. Chalky perfection.

Buy a case, people.

In return I introduced her to the best pizza outside Naples - from that amazing shop on the corner of Lipscani and the boulevard. Do go there.

The only place in Bucharest that serves comparably good food is Ido Memos, a Turkish dive founded in 1990 on the corner of A.I. Cuza and Dr. Felix, and two or three expensive restaurants like Uptown or Ici et La.

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